Berea Christmas Country Dance School
Covid-19 Policy


Please note: policies may change if Covid or flu case count change significantly. By registering and attending, all participants voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure.

Vaccinations And Proof Are Required

All participants must present proof of up-to-date vaccinations in order to register. Up-to-date vaccination is considered both two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson or Novavax, AND at least one booster shot. The fall 2022 bivalent booster is strongly recommended.

Masking Is Required

Well-fitting masks must be worn by all participants and staff while inside campus buildings. Gaiters, face shields, or goggles, or other loose-fitting masks are not accepted. Unmasking will only be allowed for dance callers at microphone, musicians playing wind instruments, and people playing JUBO or recorder in class.

Self Evaluation Is Vital

If you have any symptoms of Covid, Flu or cold, do not come to campus. A negative rapid test is insufficient to prove the absence of Covid.

Testing Is Recommended

We recommend but do not require that everyone take a PCR test 2 to 3 days before travel to Berea. We also recommend that everyone take a rapid test within two hours of arrival and have at least two more tests available should further testing be necessary.

Reporting & Isolation Rules

Participants with symptoms or who test positive are not allowed on campus. Anyone with Covid or flu symptoms must immediately isolate off campus and report symptoms to Joe Tarter, Director, or Laurie White, Assistant Director.

Withdrawal/Cancellation Policy

The cancellation fee is waived for any participant with a positive diagnosis, symptoms, or direct exposure to Covid, through 12/26/22. Participants should contact the Director immediately to initiate a refund.

Joe Tarter, Director, and the BCCDS Board