Period One  9:00 – 10:00

A. Advanced Contras Wendy Graham Settle (A)

Who needs caffeine when you can wake up naturally with spicy and spirited choreography that’s designed to stimulate experienced dancers’ bodies and brains.

B. Mountain Harmonies from the Balkans & Beyond Betsy Platt (U)

We will explore the amazing harmonies of the Balkan and Caucasus Georgian communities through traditional songs of work, love, healing and celebration. Songs will be taught by ear; sight reading is not required, but scores will be available for most. This class is appropriate for all skill levels.

C. Waltz Fundamentals Tim Lamm (B)

Most Country or Contra Dance evenings include a free-style waltz or two. This class will enhance your enjoyment of waltzing, as well as that of your partners! You will learn the turning, folk-style waltz and some simple variations—skills useful also at weddings and other social dance occasions. The class will include some set and line dances that incorporate waltzing. Techniques of leading and following will be emphasized every day, so that you and your partner can move gracefully together on the dance floor.

D. English Callers Workshop Barbara Finney (U)

This workshop is aimed at those who are just beginning to call English country dance, though callers with all levels of experience are welcome. We will include time for practice teaching and the discussion of various topics. Depending on participants’ backgrounds and interests, topics will include dance programming, teaching figures and style, working with beginners and mixed-experience crowds, music and working with your band, stage presence and crowd control.

E. Intermediate Recorder Wayne Hankin (I)

Open to all with abilities to play different sizes of recorder. Must be able to read music as we’ll be exploring music from several centuries, including a few new works by Wayne.

F. Intro-mediate Rapper Gillian Stewart (B/I)

Rapper is a fast-paced, physical, percussive sword dance from the north of England. This class will be geared towards those who have interest and enthusiasm in learning a new style, as well as those who want a refresher on the basics of putting together a satisfying dance. Intermediate dancers will work on dance choreography and set cohesion, as well as getting some new figures. Please bring hard soled shoes and be prepared to get your knuckles scraped.

Period Two 10:15 – 11:15

A. Advanced English Country Dance Barbara Finney (A)

We will focus on style, technique and figures for dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level of enjoyment. Dances will include a variety of historical reconstructions and modern compositions, some familiar, some new and challenging. For advanced dancers familiar with the basic repertoire of figures.

B. Songs from the Past to the Present Donna & Lewis Lamb (U)

This class will be a sharing time for old and new folk songs and bluegrass. Come all and have fun with singing. If you play an instrument, bring it along.

C. Intermediate English Country Dance Brad Foster (I)

For dancers comfortable with the basics, in this session we’ll look at some other elements that bring choreography to life and make music visible: connect discrete figures into seamless flow, acknowledge and support partners and neighbors, move in a variety of moods, and spread joy as you travel… in short, how to dance! We’ll revisit familiar older dances and explore many recent compositions.

D. Beginning English Country Dance David Macemon (B)

This class will be a fun and easy introduction to English Country Dancing. We will learn many basic recurring figures, and steadily build up a repertoire as the week progresses. Beyond mere execution of figures, we will delve into style, timing and technique. We’ll discover the difference between walking patterns and dancing to the music. All are welcome!

E. Contra Callers Workshop Wendy Graham Settle (U)

Are you curious what it takes to call a dance or want to finesse your calling style? Get hands-on guidance, tricks, tips and tools during this highly interactive, participatory class. Whether you are a budding or a seasoned caller, everyone will build a useful callers toolkit.

F. JUBO Wayne Hankin (U)

Learn To Play The Easy Way: A new way to introduce instrument music instruction to people of all ages. Easy to play and learn with a sweet sounding 4-hole flute small enough to hang around your neck. So if you want to get started fast in music or if you’re 80 and think now’s the right time to start something new in your life- or if you just want to introduce the gift of music to your grandchildren, this course will please you, not to mention change your life. Jubos will be available to purchase.

G. Basketry for All (One) Janet Northern (U)

We will be using oak handles to make traditional style baskets, woven with reed and other materials. A variety of colors and sizes of reed will be available to choose from so that each basket will be unique. You can keep it basic or feel free to experiment with your own ideas.

  ($15 material fee payable at class) (20 person limit for the class)

H. Introduction to Team Clogging Abby Ladin (B)

Beginning Appalachian clogging skills meet smooth and simple traditional circle and square dance. Learn the basic rhythmic elements of clogging, individual style and group patterns.

Period Three 11:30 – 12:15

Morningsong & Stories Patty Tarter (U)

This is a time for the entire CCDS community to gather together for music and fellowship. Participants are welcome to share songs or stories, or just come for the joy of singing together.

Period Four 1:45 – 2:45

A. Contras for All Maeve Devlin (B/I)

We will dance a variety of contra dances that are both accessible and exciting. We’ll explore some style and timing tips with wonderful music and friendly faces.

B. Intermediate/Advanced Dance Band Nathan Wilson (I/A)

Here’s your chance to play for dancers and improve your developing band skills. We’ll discuss what it is that makes music exciting to dancers. We’ll learn some old classics and new favorites, and discuss how to make our playing more danceable. The class will prepare to play a set for all of Christmas School on New Year’s Eve.  Proficiency with your instrument is essential.

C. Longsword Dance Barbara Finney (U)

The traditional dance from the village of Loftus has three parts and three different locks. We’ll learn at least two of the parts, with figures including, over-your-own, heys, rolls, pousette and double under. Come join the fun.All levels of experience welcome.

D. Kentucky Set Running Jim Napier Stites & Ben Napier (U)

All ages and experience levels will enjoy this class. Dance figures taught will be those included in Kentucky Mountain Square Dancing by Patrick E. Napier. Many of the figures have not changed since the Appalachian Mountains were first settled. Some figures will be familiar to those with experience dancing Appalachian Big Set. Beginners will learn enough figures to dance all night long, and experienced dancers will enjoy dancing to the finest music around!

E. Beginning Recorder Wayne Hankin (B)

If you ever wanted to get your basics down, this is a good starting point. Learn the proper techniques to get you started off on the right foot and we’ll explore music you can play right away. 

F. Storytelling Bruce Spencer (B)

The class will concentrate on storytelling tools and story sharing. We’ll start each class with story building tools and a quick exercise, and then share some stories. I’ll have some folktales available for anyone who doesn’t have a prepared story.

G. Intermediate Temari Craft Eric Crowden (I)

Ready to take temari to another level? You will learn a more complex division of the ball that will lead to even more intricate and fascinating designs. This class is suitable for people who have had the Beginning Temari class at Dance School or have learned temari basics elsewhere. 

   ($15 material fee payable at class) (25 person limit for the class)

H. Clogging Intermediate Abby Ladin (I)

If you have solid basic footwork in tap or clogging come explore syncopation and phrasing. We will work on attack and precision to improve the overall quality of our percussive sound.

Period Five 3:00 – 4:00

A. English in All Its Variety Brad Foster (U)

From old classics to recent compositions, gentle and smooth to raucous traditional/ceilidh style, longways to circles, sets and odd formation, this class will present the great diversity found in English country dance. For all levels.

B. Southern Mountain Square Dancing Jim Morrison (U)

About 100 years ago the big circle dance style began to spread throughout the southern highlands and surrounding flatlands. This session will dance through different periods in barn dancing’s history. Simple flatfoot dancing will be taught for the dances that need it.

C. Intermediate Waltzing Tim Lamm (I)

If you already know how to do a basic turning, folk-style waltz and you want to enjoy a whole period of waltzing each day, this class is for you! You will learn some secrets for achieving the smoothest, most graceful waltz possible. We will teach a range of variations, from swing moves and cuddles to twirls, pivots, and reverse waltzing. Expect some just-for-fun challenges. Musicality (fitting your dancing to the music) and good partnering skills will be emphasized every day.

D. Beginning Dance Band Charlie Pilzer (B)

Here’s your opportunity to learn to play for dancers and improve your band skills. We’ll learn some contra, English country dance and ceilidh tunes, and perhaps a waltz or two! We’ll discuss what it is that makes music exciting to dancers. All instruments and skill levels are welcome–drag out those long-neglected instruments from the closet and under the bed–we’ll find a place for you; some proficiency with your instrument is helpful.

E. Basketry for All (Two) Janet Northern (U)

We will be using the same materials and techniques as in the first class to create one-of-a-kind baskets. If you have taken this class before, I will encourage you to try different patterns and weaving styles. There will be a basic basket for those who have not made baskets before. You can choose to keep your basket very simple or feel free to experiment and try new things.

   ($15 material fee payable at class) (20 person limit for the class)

F. Advanced Performance Rapper Gillian Stewart (A)

For those who are comfortable with stepping and basic figures. We will work on putting together dances that focus on the performance aspects of rapper: audience engagement, set unity, and wow-factor. Expect to dance different positions and step outside your comfort zone! Each set will develop a distinctive style that might include fooling, uncommon stepping, acrobatics, singing, or anything else you might bring to the class.

Period Six 4:15 – 5:15

A. Contra Dance Open Mic/Open Band Wendy Graham Settle/Dean Herington (U)

Wanted: callers and musicians for our American dance party! Put into practice what you’re learning in the calling and band classes. Callers can request feedback on certain skills. 

B. Shape Note Singing Kent Gilbert (U)

Experience a wonderful American four-part a capella tradition! “Shaped” notes refers to the different shapes given to various notes on the staff, designed to help singers learn tunes in glorious harmony. No prior experience or knowledge of music is necessary (but helpful) as we sing from the “The Sacred Harp” a collection of tunes both old and new in the tradition. Music and good company provided!

C. Sets Dances of Cork and Kerry Owen and Jim Morrison (U)

We will focus on dances from the Sliabh Luachra region of Ireland, on the borderlands of Cork and Kerry. These Irish cousins of American square dances are danced to fast paced polkas and slides along with the occasional hornpipe. No experience is necessary.

D. Morris Dance for All David Macemon (U)

Many, many years ago in Baltimore, there was a Morris team called Balti Morris. They developed a style of Oddington that was showy and precise. During this week of Morris for all we’ll explore Oddington dances, focusing a bit on having a lot of fun, dancing with a bit of precision and figuring out why a galley-hook-leg is not part of the hokey-pokey. 

E. Mummers Play (and we will too) Sarah Jo Jacobs (U)

This class will explore the history of mummery with all the fun twists and turns typical of any traditional or not so traditional mummers production. Not only will we be working on stage but we will discover all the aspects that make up the mummers world. Costumes and props and set oh my!Bring lots of ideas and be ready to explore.

F. Beginning Temari Craft Eric Crowden (B)

Temari is an ancient Japanese handcraft of first thread-wrapping a ball and then embroidering colorful designs across the surface. You will learn to create the base, some basic stitching techniques and different patterns that can open up endless design possibilities.  

   ($15 material fee payable at class) (25 person limit for the class)