Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly 

Award-winning folk duo from Foster, Rhode Island, Aubrey Atwater and Elwood Donnelly are delightful and energetic performers and workshop leaders presenting unique programs of traditional American and Celtic folk music and dance.  Lifelong teachers, Aubrey and Elwood explain concepts clearly and reach students with humor and patience.  Aubrey and Elwood are in great demand on the American folk music circuit and have performed and taught in over thirty states as well as England and Ireland.  They blend unusual harmonies and play and teach mountain dulcimer, old-time banjo, guitar, tin whistle, mandolin, harmonica, bodhran, bones, spoons, limberjack, and other surprises, as well as clogging, contra dancing, and singing. Their exquisite joy and musicality blend with their scholarly sides, showing a deep understanding and appreciation of folk music and its key players. Since 1988, Aubrey and Elwood have produced four books and nine recordings which receive international airplay.

  • Harmony Singing
  • Beginning Mountain Dulcimer
  • Intermediate Mountain Dulcimer
  • Harmonica

Aidan Broadbridge 

Aidan began playing violin and piano at the age of seven. He spent two years studying music in a Swedish high school before he moved to London to attended Trinity College of Music.  After receiving his degree, he played for numerous musicals and orchestras in and around London.  Aidan returned to Scotland four years ago and has been busy teaching and directing local choirs and music societies.  In addition to directing and teaching he also plays fiddle in three folk dance bands – two of which he leads.  Aidan has been featured on numerous recordings including: fifteen English and Scottish dance albums with ‘The Assembly Players’, “The Halsway Manor Millennium CD” with the Millennium Players, “Treat Infamy” with Rest Assured, and his most recent success as solo violinist on the motion picture soundtrack for “Pride & Prejudice.”  He can also be seen, as well as heard, on the “big screen” as the violinist/leader of the band for both dances in the movie.  Watch and listen for Aidan in his next endeavor as violinist, yet again, on the up coming film about Jane Austen’s life, “Becoming Jane.”

  • Advanced Dance Band

Mike Casey 
For many years Mike Casey made his living playing music and telling stories, performing on the Irish flute, whistle, guitar, and lap dulcimer. He toured in the US and Canada with the band Cucanandy and with accordion player David DiGiuseppe. Mike has taught week-long courses at the Swannanoa Gathering, Augusta Heritage Center, Meadowlark Music Camp, Ozark Folk Center and others, and has led workshops at many music festivals throughout the United States. In the late 80s-early 90s he conducted fieldwork in the East Galway region of Ireland, interviewing flute players, fiddlers and even dancers while learning about the distinct musical style in that area. This work resulted in a thesis on East Galway flute music, earning him a master’s degree in Folklore from the University of North Carolina. Mike is currently the Associate Director for Recording Services at the Archives of Traditional Music at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Eric Crowden 
Eric is a graduate of Berea College, a fine arts major in textiles. His festive banners, paper cuts, and decorations grace Seabury Center at CCDS. He has been making temari for over 14 years.

  • Temari Craft

Sue Dupre 
Sue, who is based in central New Jersey, has been calling contra, square and English country dances for over 25 years.  Sue has been a featured performer at various festivals, including the Philadelphia Folk Festival, North Carolina’s Black Mountain Festival, Maine’s Down East Dance Festival and New York’s Dance Flurry, at many dance weekends, and as a staff member at summer dance camps at Pinewoods, Mendocino, Buffalo Gap and Ogontz.   Sue is known for enthusiasm and good humor, for an extensive repertoire representing the best of the old and the new, for clear and efficient teaching, for a rhythmic calling style, and for her work with novice dancers.   In addition to her work as a caller, Sue is passionately devoted to the promotion and performance of historic English ritual and ceremonial dances in American communities.  She is the founder and foreman of a sword and garland dance team, Shandygaff Longsword, and a molly dance team, Handsome Molly, a former member of the rapper sword dance team, Griggstown Lock, and for many years has directed mummers plays in central New Jersey.

  • Callers’ Workshop
  • Advanced English Country Dance
  • Longsword Dance

Wayne Hankin 
Wayne performed in 2006 with Cirque du Soleil in their touring show Varekai. His focus was in early music which helped him build a massive collection of instruments, now numbering over 400. He continued his studies in Europe and played in many disciplines, classical, jazz, popular, folk, contemporary. He returned to America where he performed in every major city, worked with every major theater company including Center Stage, Alley Theater, New York Shakesphere Festival, Lincoln Center, American Repertory Theater and Broadway, performing in countless music ensembles here and abroad.  He has won several music awards including the Noah Greenberg Award, ASCAP Standards Awards, besonder Verdienst award of Austria, Meet the Composer Grants and the ASCAP Plus Awards 5 years in a row for composition.  He has taught and lectured all over from the Julliard School of Music in New York to the Judeske Conservatory in Denmark.

  • Sacred Music for Consort Playing
  •  Beginning Recorder: The Ideal Entry Level

Mary Harrell 
Mary has taught English country dancing at workshops, dance camps, elderhostels, and at Christmas Country Dance School.  Her enthusiasm for the dance is infectious, and her clarity makes learning a pleasure.  She is a graduate of Berea College, and was a performance dancer under Frank Smith during her college years.

  • Beginning English Country Dance

Lydia Ievins 
Based in Montague MA, lydia plays fiddle regularly for English, contra, and couple dancing.  Her love for creating rich harmonic lines has led her most recently into exploring the vibrant traditions of Swedish fiddling.  As an avid dancer herself, she infuses her fiddle playing with rhythmic clarity and sensitive phrasing to produce eminently danceable music.  She plays with many combinations of talented folk, including regular appearances as a guest musician with the Greenfield Dance Band, the Moving Violations, Yankee Ingenuity, and members of Bare Necessities.

Atossa Kramer 
From Berea, KY, Atossa is a multi-talented musician who has accompanied country dancing for more than 40 years playing clarinet, piano, recorder and accordion. She is a member of the music faculty of Berea College teaching several courses, including basic theory and ear training, and many private lessons. In addition to regional dance week-ends and summer camps, she plays regularly for the English dance group in Berea, plays and performs with Musick’s Company, an early music group, and is a clarinetist with the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra.

Peter Kruskal 
Peter grew up going to pinewoods dance camp starting at age four. He started dancing on teams with the Pinewoods Morris Men and Velocirapper in 1996. Later he co-founded a rapper team at Oberlin College and served as forman from 2004 to 2005. While at Oberlin he also taught a rapper dancing class to college students. He has taught classes in rapper at both Pinewoods Camp and Berea Christmas School.

  • Beginning Rapper
  • Advanced Rapper

Tom Kruskal 
Tom Kruskal fell in love with the anglo concertina at the age of 13 at Christmas School, 1962.  He’s been playing ever since, recently for the Pinewoods Morris Men, Orion Sword, Hop Brook Morris and Great Meadows Morris and Sword.  Every year he directs a mummer’s play with his children’s team.  A veteran of CDSS, Tom is looking forward to returning to Berea.

  • Mummers Play

Lewis & Donna Lamb 
Native Kentuckians, this remarkable father-daughter  duo have been making, preserving, teaching, and sharing traditional Appalachian music for many years.  With Lewis on fiddle and Donna on Guitar your feet don’t stand a chance of  remaining still!  They began playing for the Berea College Country Dancers in the 1960’s.  They perform and teach old time square dance music and traditional songs at festivals and workshops throughout the region.  Lewis is also known for his folk-art woodcarvings and he and Donna together have crafted numerous musical instruments.  Lewis and Donna have currently been nominated for the upcoming Kentucky Folk Heritage Award.

  • Woodcarving
  • Songs From The Past To The Present

Barry Marshall and Jeri Burns 
Jeri Burns and Barry Marshall are The Storycrafters.  Their natural, energetic style has been featured in major festivals, schools and libraries in the US and abroad, including The National Storytelling Festival.  With awards from Parents Choice, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio and Storytelling World, they specialize in original retellings and modern renditions of world folklore, integrating music and song, poignancy & pizzazz.  Publishers’ Weekly describes them as ‘top-notch family entertainment;’ their son would say, “Oh that’s just Mommy and Daddy!”

  • “Finding the Storyteller’s Voice”
  • “The Heights and Depths of Storytelling”        

Elise Melrood 
Elise is a classically trained pianist who specializes in improvisation with a blues base, and has been playing for dances of all kinds for many years.  She plays for Contra dances with the Berea Castoffs, vintage dances, Christmas Country Dance School, and travels with the Berea College Country Dancers. She is a member of the Lexington based Reel World String Band, a regional band of renown with a folk and political base.

Elvie Miller 
Elvie grew up in New Hampshire surrounded by folk music and dance. A recent graduate of Oberlin College, she has developed a strong reputation as a lively and accomplished dance pianist and accordionist, performing and teaching across the country with numerous musicians including her father, fiddler Rodney Miller.  For the past year Elvie has been travelling in Ireland, the UK, France and Scandinavia as a Watson Fellow, studying traditional dance music on an epic journey!

  • Dance Band Bonanza!

Jim Morrison 
Jim has been a traditional dance enthusiast since his first Christmas Country Dance School in 1968. He helped found several morris and sword dance groups. He was a pioneer in the study of historic American social dance and a collector of traditional community dance in the Southeastern US and New England.  Jim also plays fiddle and guitar, making obscure Morris dance recordings and performing with the Morrison Brothers Band.

  • Kerry/West Cork Sets
  • Dance Through Time

Owen Morrison 
Owen Morrison grew up in the thick of the music and dance world and began playing for contras and English dances as a teenager. He now plays guitar and mandolin for several bands at dance evenings, weekends and weeks throughout the country. Owen graduated from Guilford College this past May and has just moved to Nashville, TN to pursue a career in music.

  • Kerry/West Cork Sets

DR. Patrick E. Napier 
Pat is an Appalachian square dance caller, author of Kentucky Mountain Square Dancing, storyteller, and Presbyterian minister.  This is his fifty-sixth year at CCDS.

  • Kentucky Set Running

Janet Northern 
Janet is a basket maker from Rockcastle County, Kentucky.  She makes and teaches a variety of baskets using a wide range of materials.  She prefers working with native materials that can be gathered on or near her home.  This will be her seventh year at CCDS.

  • Basketry

Deborah Payne 
From Berea, KY, Deborah has grown up playing fiddle in the dance community.  A former member of contra dance band “The Last of the Fashion Conscious Lumberjacks,” she has also played with the “Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble,” and bluegrass band “CaneBreak”.  Deborah performed with the Berea Festival Dancers and co-led a children’s dance group playing music and teaching dances to local Berea youth.

Carol Ormand 
Madison, Wisconsin caller Carol Ormand is beloved throughout the dance community for her smooth and unflappable style, wickedly fun dances, and penchant for keeping all the dancers on the floor smiling.  Carol’s enthusiasm, paired with her efficient and effective teaching, creates a delightful dancing and learning experience.

  • Morris for All
  • Square Dance Calling
  • Beginning/Intermediate Contras & Squares

Joe Tarter 
A dance leader and organizer for more than twenty-five years, Joe has been Program Director of CDSS Family Week at Buffalo Gap and is Squire of the Foothills Morris Men in Berea. He was the interim Director of CCDS in 1990 & 1991, and has served as Director of CCDS since 2000.

Joseph Pimentel 
Joseph Pimentel is a New England native recently settled in Houston, Texas.  As a popular caller at dance events throughout the country and abroad, he draws on a broad repertoire of contra, English country, and community dances.  His calling combines clear teaching, discriminating taste in dances, and respect for tradition.  His book, The Cardinal Collection, includes many of his own dances which have also found their way around the world.  He has been an active dance organizer in Ann Arbor MI and Columbus OH, and is on the national board of the Country Dance and Song Society.

  • Extraordinary Contras
  • Intermediate English Country Dance
  • Calling Beyond the Basics

Peter Rogers 
Peter has taught traditional dance for about four decades: in community dance programs schools; at various dance camps; and numerous “one night stands”.  He leads English, Danish, Appalachian, Contra, Morris and Sword for new dancers as well as experienced, and is an acknowledged leader for teaching callers to call.  One of his special interests is the square dances of Southeast Kentucky (aka “Running Set”) about which he has gathered oral histories, published descriptions and live experience to share with others.

  • Appalachian Square Dance

Malke Rosenfeld 
Malke Rosenfeld is a professional dancer who has performed and taught across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom since 1995.  She was a founding member of the nationally touring Celtic group Cucanandy which recorded two critically acclaimed CDs.  Malke also spent two years touring internationally with Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble, including the London run of Riverdance.  Fluent in a variety of traditional percussive dance styles, including Cape Breton step dance, old-time clogging and flatfooting, and her own style of “drumming” with her feet, Malke is hailed for her “spontaneous enthusiasm” and “astonishing precision.”  Malke is an effective, engaging dance teacher, teaching at dance camps and workshops around the U.S. and England.  She is also a dedicated teaching artist committed to creating interdisciplinary programming for elementary school students — her latest creation is the residency “Math In Your Feet”.

  • Beg/Quick Learner Appalachian Clogging
  • Intermediate Appalachian Clogging

Lissa Schneckenburger 
Lissa Schneckenburger grew up in Maine as an active member of the folk music and dance community, where she cut her teeth as a musician at a very young age.  She has continued to explore music throughout her life, leading to her graduation from The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts (2001). While embracing a diverse pallet of musical influences, she still stays true to her New England roots.  Lissa has played all over the world as a fiddler and vocalist, including appearances in Russia, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, and of course, the United States.

Patty Tarter 
Patty is a member of the Ritchie Family of Eastern Kentucky with a repertoire of traditional Appalachian songs and singing games.  She plays dulcimer and sings for Elderhostel groups in and around Berea.

  • Will coordinate Morningsong and Stories, and Evening Parlor

Fred Todt 

Fred is a song and dance leader now living in Houston, Texas.  His love of shape note music began at Christmas Country Dance School, and he often leads singing workshops at dance events throughout the country.  His comfortable confidence, strong voice and gentle guidance inspire experienced and reluctant singers alike to join their voices in boisterous and joyful song.

  • Shape Note Singing

Al White 
Al teaches Appalachian music for string instruments at Berea College and is best known for his mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and banjo playing, teaching any and all of these when asked.  Al plays fiddle in the Berea Cast-Offs dance band and has been an artist-in-residence for the Kentucky Arts Council in storytelling, folk music and dance.  He also has been a staff member at Pinewoods, Buffalo Gap, KY Summer Dance School, and other dance weeks.

Alice White 
Alice grew up singing and playing traditional, bluegrass and gospel music with her family in the McLain Family Band.  She is an early elementary school teacher and plays bass in the Berea Cast-Offs.

Nathan Wilson   
Nathan is an inspired bassist in a wealth of musical styles from contra and old-time to classical and jazz.  Currently plays bass with Sheila and the Geezers, Tim Lake and The Little Big Band, and Lewis and Donna Lamb.  Nathan also directs a church music program and teaches music privately.  His love of dance music is something he shares joyfully with people of all ages.

Sound by Doug Dorshug

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